The following is intertwined between out chapter and our state organization. We appeared at the July 6 Natural Resource Commission meeting in Big Rapids. We explained why we would lobby against any increase in hunting and fishing license increases, with conditions. We also opposed disposing of two 40 acre parcels in Presque Isle County (found elsewhere in this issue). 
We attended the MWTHA board meeting on August 6 where many issues were discussed and consensus reached on future action. Among discussions were left over turkey permits to be sold over the counter, DNR land consolidation, Turkey Fund meeting with state representative Darwin Booher, our appeal of the updated Huron-Manistee Forest plan, our unanimous opposition to moving the spring ZZ (private land) hunt into northern Michigan, proposal 1 on the ballot to protect our restricted funds, MWTHA is now a member of the Michigan Bird Conservation Initiative and a letter sent to DNR Law Enforcement chief, Alan Marble that requested information for a possible Certificate of Professional Excellence award to be given to one of his officers. 
We attended the MUCC board of directors meeting at Brethern on August 12. We made a presentation regarding the updated Huron- Manistee Forest plan and urged MUCC to join us in an appeal. Attended a state forest management plan meeting at Cadillac on August 17. They were not there to answer questions. Ivan Giese and I attended and set up a MWTHA booth at the State Capitol on September 13 for Sportsmen’s Day and Rally. We attended the MUCC District 13 meeting at the Ruby Creek Sportsman Club. We have concern that two resolutions that we introduced and were passed at convention were not being adhered to. 
On September 19 we attended the Michigan Forestry Education Outreach Conference at the Kettunden Center near Tustin. September 28 we presented our Wild Turkey program in 6 sessions to students at the Pine River High School Outdoor Day. September 5 we attended MUCC District 13 meeting at Marion where we brought up state land consolidation and Huron-Manistee National Forest old growth issues. December 6 we appeared at the state capitol for the House Subcommittee on Natural Resources meeting on proposed game and fish license increases. We made a presentation that we will report as it plays out in the next Turkey Tracks issue. 
We attended a December 6 Resource Stewards meeting in Clare. I was appointed to a committee to look into the problems on the Pigeon River Country State Forest. Attended the Kalkaska state forest compartment reviews on December 13. No-Forest Management is not providing even minimum required habitat for many species of game birds and animals. 
We attended a Pere Marquette River Plan update meeting on December 13 at Baldwin. The U.S. Forest Service has commercialized this very public resource. A letter that was sent to them several years ago is still waiting for a reply. We will probably appeal their final decision. 
We attended the Resource Stewards committee on the Pigeon River State Forest meeting at Gaylord on January 3. Future meetings are going to be required. We attended the Cadillac District state forest compartment reviews on January 9 at Cadillac. Among many issues is still the pathetic lack of creation of permanent forest openings by the DNR Forest Management Division and the continuing loss of Aspen in favor of Red Pine. 
The 26th Wild Turkey Hunters Rendezvous will be held on Saturday, March 31, 2007. We start the program at the Baldwin High School at 9:00AM and conclude with a turkey shoot, turkey supper and an evening of fun at the VFW. Rod Little, multi time state turkey calling champion and expert turkey hunter is our featured guest speaker. The MWTHA state turkey calling championships will be held in the afternoon. We will see you there and be sure to introduce yourself. 
Ausable River Chapter - Spring 2007 Update
January 2007 Update