even fill their bird feeders, there is no doubt that we have already lost thousands of wild turkeys, a terrible waste for one sick pen-raised deer.

But the members of the Michigan Wild Turkey Hunters Association know adversity well, so this has been just one more sword to bear among many in our history.

Concern for the welfare of our birds has been widespread, and many of the chapters are once again conducting our feeding programs, with the birds either being hand-fed or the feeders up on platforms, inside trailers, or whatever necessary to keep the deer away.

At this point, although there is no doubt we will lose birds, we can only hope for the best, keep feeding where possible as long as necessary, and continue our work as we always have.
So, you can look forward to seeing us not only at this spring’s outdoor shows in various locations all over but also at the several spring turkey hunting workshops being planned.

More than ever, our work is very, very important in order to ensure the future of the wild turkey in Michigan. Please remember to renew your membership, and take a few moments to encourage your turkey hunting friends and family to do so as well as those who just enjoy the magnificent site of the Eastern wild turkey in the forests of Michigan.

Hoping for an early spring…have a great season

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