A few years ago my brother-in-law called me and asked if he and his son Nate could come over and try hunting a turkey from one of our blinds. Nate, who was about 11 or 12, was really excited to get a good sized turkey and try out the new single shot 20 gauge he had got as a present from his Grandpa. “Of course”, I said, and we agreed that they would come over on the weekend.

When they came over to our house, I told them they could use my super-duper, never fail turkey decoy that has always worked for me. My brother-in-law seemed a little skeptical, but Nate was all for it and was willing to try anything to nail a big bearded boy of his very own. So I pulled out Mr. Super-Duper and asked them what they thought. Their eyes both kind of said at the same time, “REALLY.” Mr. Supper-Duper was just a cheap rubber Jake decoy with a slit in the rear end, and a homemade, home preserved fantail stuck in the slot.

“You sure this thing will bring them in,” my brother-in-law asked? It’s worked for me, and if it doesn’t work, I’ll give you your money back – ha, ha. Just set him out there and put a hen by him that looks like she’s ready to mate.

So they set up down in our field behind the house where we could still see them and where we’ve been seeing some Toms picking and strutting. The brother-in-law said he made a few calls and heard a gobble from the woods on the other side of the field. It wasn’t too long, and a fairly good sized Tom came out and sized up the area then spotted the decoy, the fan and the hen. That was it. He came across the field and started doing that sideways walk up to the decoy when we hear a BOOM, and the Tom goes down. Then the Tom gets up and in a kind of a drunken walk with one wing hanging down starts for the other side of the field, goes about fifteen feet and collapses, then gets up and does the whole thing all over again, then again. All of a sudden we see Nate come charging out of the blind and begin pursuit. All this time the Tom is doing this get up, walk and fall routine and getting farther away. So Nate is running, and when he gets about halfway across the field, I see the brother-in-law pop out of the blind and start after Nate. So there’s the Tom doing the Drunkard walk thing, behind him is Nate running along in camo clothes that are too big for him holding his hat on his head followed by my brother-in-law.

My brother-in-law said when he finally caught up to Nate he was smacking the Tom with his hat trying to keep the bird from moving anymore. My brother-in-law showed Nate how to step on the Tom’s neck until the bird wasn’t moving anymore. The whole chase scene was hilarious, but there was one very seriously proud and happy boy that day. Everyone suspected the shot might have been low or wide, but all’s well that ends well

(Upon autopsy it was confirmed that Nate’s shot was a little low on the body and had broken one wing, but the roasting pan didn’t care.)

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