So, facing probably the hardest winter that northern Michigan has seen in more than 20 years, and with many people afraid to even fill a bird feeder for fear of feeding the stray deer or two, it is a miracle that as of this date, February 1, the Traverse Bay Chapter still has any money left to do any feeding at all. But, with a couple of tweaks to the program, and the continued dedication of our members, we are still feeding and hope to be able to continue to afford to do so for at least another month.

And it is even more of a miracle that our birds, despite temperatures of -22 on two different occasions, appear to be doing well. However, we are well aware that we are not feeding all the birds and that thousands undoubtedly have already perished due to the ferocity of this winter.

We are also in the final stages of planning our spring workshop, set for April 4 at the Northland Sportsman’s Club south of Gaylord. Please come out and help us support our northern wild turkeys!
We would really like to hear from anyone with ideas for this year’s workshop, or from anyone who would like to help out in any way, or who would like to help us solicit donations. Our biggest fundraiser, our raffle, was not as successful last year as it has been in past years, and we need to make sure that we make up for that deficit any way we can-either through this year’s workshop or through other suggested fundraisers-or next year we may not have the funds for a full winter of supplemental feeding. So, please, we would like to hear from you!

Anyone with questions about our programs or any upcoming events is encouraged to call one of the following members of the Traverse Bay Chapter of MWTHA:

Frank Hersha, TB Chapter President (231) 588-6169

Rick Riley, TB Chapter Trustee (231)549-2705


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