Where are the food plots, grass’ oaks, beechnuts and hazel nuts, etc? The Forestry Div. sells a lot of trees for clear cuts and lets aspen grow up, but Deer and Turkeys cannot live on aspen alone. They need nuts for a variety, also hardwoods to roost in. The DNR should be replanting hardwoods and pine trees like the Civilian Conservation Corp did for the trees they are cutting. What are they going to cut 20 to 30 years from now Poplar? The DNR & NRC’s answer to all of this is we need more moneys. My answer is Bull. Use the money properly that you have had and you can get it done. Back in the 60’s and 70’s when you could only shoot one Deer either a Buck or a Doe we had plenty of Deer in the State Forests. Then the Timber Harvest started and the Game kept disappearing. Hunters used to camp for a week or so and plenty of big Bucks were harvested. Now they go to the State Wasteland to hunt and don’t see any Game, so they leave and go home. Thus the DNR isn’t selling enough licenses for the Dollars they are after. Then they shoot themselves in the foot with a two Buck limit and QDM. When you don’t see a Buck to shoot you buy a license to Count Tweety Birds while hunting. When one person can shoot two Bucks and you can’t even see one, depending on the area you are in, is this worth buying a License or even fair? This is were the Hunters go.

Now I am all for the Youth going Hunting, “BUT GIVE ME A BREAK” from the Cradle to the Grave without a Hunter Safety Permit: The next thing will be when a Baby is Born, for $7.50 it can get a Hunting license also.. This is Stupid. But how dumb can we get? Look at it now and then ask yourself what next. What happened to the Law? If you were Born after 1960 to get a license you had have Hunter Safety. But I guess like Tax Loopholes, adding the word Mentor is ok. We need some Scientific Management in the DNR & NRC looking after the resource and not themselves. We hear and see where they keep planting Fish in the lakes for Fishermen, But when do you hear where the DRIP Funds and Turkey Funds go? The DNR needs to be held accountable for these Funds and for what they are spent for. There should be a report to the Legislature and also an Audit done every year, to make sure they were used properly. These funds were meant to be used on the Game they came from not just anything they want. Dislike them or love them, my thoughts.

A weird hunt
Traverse Bay Chapter Notes - September 2011