Turkey Tails: Did you ever

Did you ever wonder why the Turkey population in area K is going down? “Why”? I don’t know. Perhaps predators, timber cutting, weather etc. Before my season I scouted a lot and saw very few turkeys where I could hunt, also gobbling was almost non-existent. The long beards were few and far between. They gobbled once or twice when they flew down and that was it. During my hunt I was pretty busy, so my hunting time was limited. Going out before dawn, not expecting to get a turkey.

Doing a little tree talking with out any answers. Calling every 30 minutes. About 9:30am, I hear a noise & there is a jake about 40 yds to my left. He see’s my decoy and moves off. So much for my decoy.

Turkey Tails: Did you ever wonder?

Did you ever wonder why, or what causes turkeys not to talk? Sometimes it’s the weather, or they are hearing too many calls etc. Maybe we are the cause. Folks drive around the roads stopping and getting out and calling to see if they can get a tom to gobble. The turkeys are getting wise to this.

Turkey Tails: Did you ever?

Did you ever wonder about Elected Politicians? They get out and glad hand when it’s re-election time. Are they working for the Taxpayer, or free Campaign money? Let’s face it Rep. Sheltrown isn’t working for the Taxpaying Hunters and Fishermen whose License money was used to purchase the Au Sable State Forest, along with an amount from the P.R. Fund.  Rep. Sheltrown sent to the house Bill# 5058 that passed the house on a 73-35 Votes. What are all of these folks drinking in their water? They need to see a doctor.