Impact that we have on others

I received an interesting phone call from Duane Wenzel, retired DNR biologist now living at Crystal Falls in the Upper Peninsula. He stated that during one of the earlier spring turkey seasons in the Baldwin district, he was fortunate to have hunted with two local turkey hunting experts. He related how these two guys were amazing at calling up gobblers. He said that he killed a big gobbler that day. It remained as one of

March 2009 Update

It’s already been a long, long winter for our wild turkeys and I don’t have to tell you that it’s only half over.

With deep snows since the middle of November in many areas of northern Michigan, and bitter cold (down to -22 one memorable night) in January, with the ban on feeding deer which has many people afraid to

Blood money

In the August 2008 issue of Michigan United Conservation Clubs (MUCC) Michigan-Out-Of-Doors magazine, a glossy color page appeared that extended special thanks to their Backyard Barbecue sponsors. Among six Gold Level sponsors were Dow Chemical Company and Consumers Energy.

Both the state and Pere Marquette chapters of MWTHA are affiliate members of MUCC. In April, 2005 a resolution was passed by MUCC’s Board of Directors that addressed the ecological disaster caused by dioxin/furan within the

Ghost Turkey

There’s a spot on the wall of my cabin I have reserved for a beautiful white-tipped Merriam fan. It begins to look like I’m going to have to paint it on!

My first expedition was in the year two thousand. It was on a ranch near Valentine, Nebraska, along the Niobrara River, a land of steep valleys and rocky cliffs. There were turkeys there alright, but hunting

Don’t eat the wild turkeys

The headlines from an Associated Press 9/7/04 article read “Dioxin Taints State Game Along The Tittabawassee River.” Upon reading the article it was learned that the state had issued a health advisory warning not to consume deer, Wild Turkey or squirrel harvested in or near at least 22 miles of the flood plain below Midland due to Dioxin poisoning from Dow Chemical. Fish consumption advisories had already been issued for the Tittabawassee River, Saginaw River and Saginaw Bay. This was the first time that an

Pere Marquette Chapter – Spring 2009 Update

This is being written on January 27th. It has been a very brutal winter on wildlife. Snow arrived in the north country during November and has just continued to pile up. The Cadillac News just reported that we have received 13.5 feet of snow thus far. The December snowfall was double the normal amount. There have been a continuation of sub zero nights and single digit days.