Thanks to Our Members

A very special THANK YOU to our members who were responsible for making the complex Wild Turkey Hunters Rendezvous run so smoothly. Without you there would be no Rendezvous. Another very special THANK YOU goes out to the crew from the Brighton area for their terrific...

The Last Resort

A common mistake that new turkey hunters make is calling too much and too loud. A loud yelp call is great for getting a bird to gobble, but it is not all that common in the woods, and more often than not will make a bird hang up. Real hens usually call softly, with clucks and purrs, and yelp most often when they fly down. You should think of a yelp as an assembly call that the boss hen uses when she flies down, to get the other birds, including the toms, to fly down and gather around.

The “why” of conservation easements

The “Why” of a Conservation Easement is as varied as the “Why” of why we own land. It was given to us. We inherited it. We bought it. We bought it as an investment. We bought it for a place to hunt. It was close to our favorite fishing spot. We bought it for snowmobiling, skiing, mushroom picking, walking. We bought it as a getaway. We bought it to add to the farm. We want to see wildlife. We needed a place to cut

Adding movement to the hunt

Adding movement to your hunt can cinch the knot around that gobbler’s neck. All other things equal, if a gobbler is going to choose between a call and a bird, he’ll go to the bird every time. So, to make sure all things are not equal, try adding a little action to your setup.