March 2008 Update

For the first time in many years, it looks like we’re having an old fashioned northern Michigan winter, and as a result, many of our winter feeding programs have been in full swing since the first of January, with many of us feeding the birds on our own for almost a month before that.

Paradise Lost: Breaking News

In the March, 2006 issue of Michigan Turkey Tracks we wrote of the demise of Pigeon River Country State Forest. In the article were listed specific problems that endangered the “Big Wild”, one of the most unique forests on this planet.
The DNR formed a committee to update the Concept of Management plan, from which we were excluded.


A radio comedian recently complained that he couldn’t communicate with his fourteen year old daughter. In fact, he said, “She told me, dad, when you die, I’m going to put you in a box, bury you in the back yard, and every morning go out and poop where your head is.”

Adding movement to the hunt

Adding movement to your hunt can cinch the knot around that gobbler’s neck. All other things equal, if a gobbler is going to choose between a call and a bird, he’ll go to the bird every time. So, to make sure all things are not equal, try adding a little action to your setup.

Hunting and fishing license increase – Update

In the last issue of Turkey Tracks we addressed the proposed hunting and fishing license increases. If there was to be an increase we insisted that restricted funds such as Turkey, Deer Range, Waterfowl and other related funds must be increased by the same percentage as the increases. These seem to be the only money that is available for creating and maintaining habitat on our state forests.

Kenowa Beards and Spurs Chapter – Spring 2008 Update

Greetings M.W.T.H.A. members Well here we are in the middle of another Michigan winter wishing it was spring so we could be out scouting that big Gobbler instead of shoveling snow. For me with the numerous knee surgeries the past year it will be a great spring, since I am now into rehab and hopefully I’ll be ready come Turkey season, for all the rest of you, good luck and have fun chasing big Tom.