March 2009 Update

It’s already been a long, long winter for our wild turkeys and I don’t have to tell you that it’s only half over.

With deep snows since the middle of November in many areas of northern Michigan, and bitter cold (down to -22 one memorable night) in January, with the ban on feeding deer which has many people afraid to

Traverse Bay Chapter – Spring 2009 Update

Despite every attempt to hold off until absolutely necessary, it became absolutely necessary for the Traverse Bay Chapter to open both their corn distribution sites (Gaylord and Charlevoix) on December 20, two weeks earlier than usual, and about a month earlier than we can afford after spending an incredible $17,000 feeding approximately 10,000 birds in five different counties last winter.

September 2008 Update

The spring of ’08 was pretty good for most of us, in terms of the spring hunt. I think a fair number of us bagged birds and some great memories to go along with that turkey dinner. But if the winter of 08-09 is anything like last winter, the future of the wild turkey is very, very uncertain.

In northwestern lower Michigan’s Area J, deep snow arrived in November and stayed until mid-April. Except for one short break around Christmas, it was a very long winter. But thanks to the members of MWTHA,

March 2008 Update

For the first time in many years, it looks like we’re having an old fashioned northern Michigan winter, and as a result, many of our winter feeding programs have been in full swing since the first of January, with many of us feeding the birds on our own for almost a month before that.